St. Pete Approves 50 Percent Funding Increase for Meals on Wheels as 800 Seniors Sit on Waiting List

ST. PETERSBURG, FL. – Meals on Wheels in Pinellas County provides thousands of senior’s no-cost meals each year, but the cost of those meals has increased along with the need in the community.

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Fox 13’s News Piece on Inflation keeping seniors waiting for help

St. Petersburg Approves Funding

St. Petersburg Approves Funding Increase for Meals on Wheels to Combat Waitlist and Rising Costs

St. Petersburg has stepped up to address the critical issue of food insecurity among seniors by approving a significant funding increase for the Meals on Wheels program. In light of soaring food and fuel costs, the program faced mounting pressure, with a waitlist exceeding 800 seniors, over 200 residing in St. Petersburg itself.

Susan McIntyre, the Meals on Wheels program’s development director, shed light on the challenges posed by inflation. The rising costs threatened not only the program’s ability to serve its existing clients but also its long-term sustainability.

Recognizing the urgent need to ensure access to nutritious meals for seniors, the St. Pete City Council approved a 50% funding increase, translating to an additional $75,000. This crucial step forward signifies the council’s commitment to supporting the well-being of the city’s senior population.

McIntyre expressed her appreciation for the council’s responsiveness to the program’s growing needs. The additional funding will provide much-needed relief, allowing Meals on Wheels to alleviate the financial pressures and work towards reducing the waitlist backlog.

To learn more about the struggles seniors are facing due to inflation and how Meals on Wheels is working to overcome these challenges, check out the full story on FOX 13 News.

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