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Every community has an aging population with members who don’t have relatives or close friends nearby. This not only can result in isolation for seniors, but it can also prevent them from getting the medical care they need. Along with recommending adult day centers like Neighborly, there are a number of safe ways that you can benefit the health and overall lives of seniors in your community, even during a pandemic. Here are some common questions to consider, as well as resources to guide you along the way:

Q1: How can seniors keep in touch with loved ones?

A1: If physical interaction is not an option, video chat and social media are a couple of ways that seniors can stay connected to friends and family.

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Q2: What can I do to help seniors age in place safely?

A2: Aging in place is all about safety, accessibility, and comfort. So, see how you can help seniors gain access to any home modifications and services necessary to make that happen.

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Q3: How can I help seniors gain access to medical care?

A3: The first step in helping seniors in your community get the medical care they need is to do your research and learn about their options so that you can relay the information accurately.

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If you want to help seniors in your community live healthier and more fulfilling lives, you can start today. Consider the questions and resources above, keep learning as much as you can about the challenges that older adults face on a daily basis, and seek out the solutions to those challenges.

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