Everyone dreads growing old, but what if I told you that you don’t have to? While you can’t escape aging, you can change the way you do it. If you want to age in your best health possible, these are the things you can do to make it happen.

Keep Your Body Moving

There’s no substitute for physical activity when it comes to maintaining a healthy body and mind. An active lifestyle makes every aspect of health better, whether you’re trying to improve your heart health, prevent depression, or maintain a strong and capable body as you age.

Living an active lifestyle doesn’t have to mean taking up marathon running at 60. Gentle, joint-friendly exercise is just as effective at getting you fit as long as you’re consistent. Yoga, for example, builds both functional strength and flexibility, and some yoga techniques really get your heart pumping too! The best part about yoga is that it’s adaptable to every body.

Another option is to incorporate some strength-building exercises. Not only will strength training be beneficial for your health, but it can also aid in fall prevention. There’s no need for an expensive gym membership. A set of adjustable dumbbells can accommodate many different workouts, and their versatility means they can be effective for both beginners and seasoned exercisers.

Be a Part of Your Community

There’s another great reason to exercise: It helps you meet new people. Whether you become a regular at the YMCA, join a senior sports league, or run into neighbors walking the dog, living an active lifestyle is a fantastic way to expand your social circle.

That’s important because seniors are at risk of becoming socially isolated. As loved ones pass away and getting out of the house becomes harder, older adults tend to lose their support networks. Unfortunately, this often leads to their mental and physical health suffering.

Ask for Help When You Need It

This healthy aging strategy is the hardest, but it’s also the most important. No matter how fiercely independent you are, it’s necessary to ask for help when you need it.

A good place to start is to learn more about what long-term care entails, decide how you’ll pay for it, and learn how to research your assisted living options so you can find a facility that keeps you in your community. If you don’t need assisted living yet but could use an extra hand, reach out to loved ones or hire in-home help for tasks that are becoming too onerous alone.

There’s no secret recipe to healthy aging, but these lifestyle tips are as close as it gets! When you take a holistic approach to your health, you keep your physical, social, and emotional needs in balance. In turn, you can truly make the most of growing older.

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